QOTD: Should Google Quit Jumping the Shark With Its Easter Eggs and Google Doodles?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Before you rush off to Google's homepage to check for yourself whether it's actually celebrating Tess Daly's birthday -- of course it's not. (That fine image was mocked up by @TheManWhoFell, one of Twitter's funniest users.) But the point is, it could be real. How many times in the past two years have you thought "why is Google celebrating the 157th anniversary of some niche invention?" or "I wish Google would stop fooling around with easter eggs such as "askew" and "zerg rush" on its search page, and update my HTC Magic to Android 4.0.3* already"?

Look, it was still funny even a few months back -- making Google's homepage snow, or wasting £74 million of the world's economy playing Pac-Man -- but the charm of Google's earlier easter eggs and doodles was that it gave its users that sought-after peek behind the corporate curtain. It helped define Google's colourful, friendly reputation (even if the tide may be turning), and certainly helped bolster SEO-gaming tech sites' traffic with their sycophantic write-ups of each and every new doodle and work-sapping search query hack.

But enough is enough: I'm calling time on Google's time-wasters. So if you simply must rely on a tech site to update you with news on Google's far-too-talented-for-this-shit engineers, change your bookmarks now.

As ever though, I want your feedback -- tell us in the comments below if you're fed up with Google's cheap tricks, or if they're still captivating you?

*Credit for that (wishful thinking) sentence goes to our Gary Cutlack, who's still waiting, Google. STILL WAITING.

Image Credit: @TheManWhoFell