Samsung's Using Network-Locked Galaxy S IIs as Guinea Pigs

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently the reason you SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S II-wielders haven’t got your tasty Ice Cream Sandwich update yet is because Samsung’s waiting to see what happens with the network operators. If they screw up first it’ll know it has a problem before it releases its own Android 4.0 update.

Talking to Cnet UK, contrary to what you might have thought, Samsung confirmed that unlocked Galaxy S IIs would be the last to get the ICS update – it wants to see what the networks think of it, letting them test it out first. Once all the network operators have tested and rolled out their updates, Samsung will know that ICS on the Galaxy S II will work just fine no matter what SIM you’ve got in it. Samsung’s Head of Telecommunications and Networks in the UK and Ireland, Simon Stanford, said:

"As an open-market customer [SIM-free] you will be on a variety of networks, so it's got to work on whichever network you have chosen."

It’s nice that Samsung cares about all you off-network Galaxy S II owners, but surely you bought the phone outright because you wanted to control your own update destiny. I’m pretty sure coming last in the upgrade queue wasn’t exactly what you were looking for when you plunked down your not inconsiderable sum. At any rate, sorry folks, it seems you’re going to be waiting a little while yet. [Cnet UK]