Some of O2's 4G Trialists Sucked Down 200GB in a Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2 has released some details of the 4G trial it's been running in parts of London for the last few months, revealing that speeds maxed out at around 150Mbps -- and some 4G testers really took the piss with their downloads. Good work.

O2's LTE test saw it using the 2.6GHz spectrum, running off 25 base stations around London. The headline speed of 150mbps was an anomaly, mind, with most of the 1,000 testers averaging more like 20-50Mbps throughout the trial. A few trialists were managing to download 200GB of data a month through one of Samsung's 4G dongles, so some testers clearly had a whale of a time hammering O2's "back end" into submission.

As we saw from the speed tests we ran when the trial first went live and our laptops-on real-world test, 4G is indeed a remarkable leap over 3G. Just don't go expecting anything like 150Mbps download speeds when everyone's simultaneously streaming YouTube on their futuristic 4G mobiles. [Mobile Today and The Register]