Thanks to the EU You Now Get a Two-Year Warranty With Your Apple Products

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple’s finally relented after getting fined by the Italians for not obeying the EU’s minimum two-year warranty legislation – every product you buy from Apple, online or in-store, now has a free two-year warranty whether Cupertino likes it or not.

It also covers non-Apple branded products sold in its stores too, but doesn’t cover Apple products sold by Amazon or other retailers (although the other retailer has to pick up the tab for that by law). It’s a little known fact that everything eligible for a warranty bought in the UK or EU is covered by a minimum two-year warranty, although its technically only for faults present when you bought the device, not those developed during its lifetime. It’s not down to the manufacturer to cover the cost of this directly, however; it’s down to the place you bought it from.

Apple’s updated its site to reflect the change for the UK store, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting something replaced if it’s faulty within two-years. Finally, the EU’s done something relatively useful for us. [Apple via YourDailyMac]

Thanks Darrell!