The Raspberry Pi Is So Very Nearly Ready I Can Almost Taste It

By Sam Gibbs on at

That mini-computing revolution, the Raspberry Pi, has finally cleared testing, gaining that all-important CE mark without needing any modifications. All we need now is for the retailers to check it over and we should all finally be able to get our hands on one.

The Raspberry Pi foundation spent a whole week in Panasonic’s testing facility in South Wales and thankfully found the board cleared all checks with flying colours. Now all that needs to be done is the paper work. The good news is the Pi also passed the safety regulations for the US, Australia and Canada all in one go, so it’s basically ready for sale everywhere.

Hopefully we’ll get revised delivery times from RS and Element 14 soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m still itching to get my hands on one and see what it can do. [Raspberry Pi]