The Xbox 720 Will Have Blu-Ray, Two GPUs and a Load of Horrendous DRM

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve had lots of pretty awesome rumours and speculation around the next generation consoles, but not all the rumours surrounding Microsoft’s next Xbox sound all that great. The latest from VG247 says that it’ll "require an always-on internet connection as an anti-piracy measure,” sounds a lot like a load of pain-in-the-arse, overbearing DRM to me.

On the bright side, rumours also say that it’ll come packing a Blu-ray drive, contrary to previous rumours, which must be music to GAME’s ears; a four or six-core processor with one core totally dedicated to a built-in Kinect, and two separate GPUs that’ll apparently function independently of each other.

Of course these rumours are just that, rumour, with VG247 citing “multiple sources”. But I wouldn’t put it past either Microsoft or Sony to enforce the kind of DRM that ties you into being online all the time to authenticate your game every time you want to play – a couple of PC games have been doing it for a while now, much to the ire of legal players. This kind of thing only ever impacts those who actually buy the game though; pirates always find a way to strip out the DRM. [VG247 via CVG]