You Can Pull the World's Smallest Pop-Up Camper With Your Bike

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you're heading out on a long distance biking adventure, you'll need to bring a place to sleep. But why squeeze into an awkward one-person tent when you can haul your own miniature pop-up camper?

Kamp-Rite's Midget Bushtrekka not only transforms into a luxurious tent and cot that keeps you off the ground when sleeping, but it also has over 41 gallons of storage space so you don't need to load your bike up with saddle bags. Its four wheels all operate independently so it can handle most bumpy terrain, but you're probably going to want to avoid extreme mountain trails with this in tow.

Before you pack it with food and clothes the Midget Bushtrekka weighs in at around 56 pounds. So if you're smart, you'll ride with someone else and convince them to do the towing duties. But with a price tag of £565, it might be even smarter to just save that cash for crashing in cheap motels along the way. [Kamp-Rite via The Red Ferret Journal]