A Go-Kart Is Today's Satanic Wheels Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Zoom! Roar! Whizz! Crash bang wallop! Yes, it’s all gone slightly wrong today, as we’ve practiced what we’re about to preach and tested today’s top deal out for ourselves, coming a massive cropper in the process.

It’s a 6v electric go-kart and even though it only does speeds of up to and including TWO MILES PER HOUR, we still managed to successfully career it straight into the office watercooler, which in turn landed on what looked like some very expensive electronic equipment that someone had foolishly left lying around. Never mind eh – what’s really important is that the go-kart was reduced from £199.99 to the slightly-more-Satanic price of £66.66. Zoom! Roar! Whizz! Crash bang wallop!


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Rage Anarchy Edition (Xbox360) - just £8.99.
- Rocky Horror Picture Show (Blu-ray) – only £5.95.
- Nikon Coolpix 14MP camera – yours for £39.
- Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster guitar – only £95.99 delivered.
- 32GB USB 2.0 flash/key drive – just £11.69.
- An American Werewolf In London: Universal 100th Anniversary Edition (Exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray) – only £9.99 (pre-order)

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