Apple's Guns are Still Blazing With Yet More iOS-Ification of OS X: Auto App Downloads

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's Mountain Lion might already be in "beta", but its still getting a few tweaks to make it even more like iOS. The latest is an auto-download option for Mac App Store apps -- buy on one Mac and automatically have it pushed to your other Macs (you do own more than one Mac, right?).

Right now it offers up an alert but doesn't actually download anything, even though it says it's installing the app. No doubt it'll get there with another update, either to Mountain Lion or server side soon. I'm still on the fence as to whether all this iOS-ification is good for the desktop; the option for auto app downloads isn't a bad thing though, I guess. At least it shouldn't be too long now before we really find out how it all handles for ourselves. [9to5Mac]