Apple's 7-Inch iPad Is Officially the Rumour That Just Won't Die (and It'll Be Here In October)

By Sam Gibbs on at

A bit like Google Drive, which was rumoured for ages, year after year, then finally emerged last month, Apple's supposed iPad mini has plagued our gossip channels for years. Now, according to iMore, Apple's going to fire a roughly 7-inch iPad across our bows this October for around £200, plus a new iPhone to boot too.

Take this with a handy pinch of anonymous source-shaped salt, but iMore reckons the iPad mini, which will be around 7-inches, will just be a shrunken new iPad, with a similar pixel density. It'd run the same apps as the 9.7-inch iPad, just scaled down, but it won't replace the iPod touch.

Personally I have difficulty swallowing a £200 price tag for anything iPad, especially if it's got a Retina display. I also wonder why Apple would even bother going after anything other the premium 10-inch market, but then never say never -- Jobs did famously say 7-inch tablets were horrid, and we all know how Apple protests too much before launching precisely what it's crapping on. [iMore]