Apple's Got a Fancy Haptic iPen Stylus In the Works For the iPad

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems Apple reckons Samsung's on the right track with its Galaxy Note 10.1. Two newly published patents for an Apple iPen for the iPad, detail a haptic feedback stylus that'll let you feel your brush strokes.

Apparently the stylus Apple's thinking of will give you lots of feedback when selecting icons; breaking window boundaries; moving over certain "textures", and even for a bit of gaming. It'll also be packed with accelerometers too, and have a built-in speaker to boot -- any one else think that sounds suspiciously like a tiny pen-shaped Wiimote?. How the iPen will actually interact with the iPad's screen is up for debate with one patent indicating it'll have a small camera in the nose to detect where on the screen it is. I'm guessing it'll probably be bluetooth, either that or Apple will have to build something new into the next "new" iPad, maybe even a bit of NFC?

We shouldn't be surprised that Apple's working on something like this since it fervently insisted that if you needed to use a stylus on your phone or tablet, you'd failed. Then again, this could just be a patent for patent's sake.

At any rate, I'm not sure I'd get the most of out a stylus for my iPad. I'm not exactly an artist, but then it might be pretty cool for some massive DS-style games. Maybe it'd even make Draw Something popular again. [Patently Apple via MacWorld]