Dashboard X Brings Live Widgets (and NyanCat) to Your iPhone Homescreen

By Jon Partridge on at

The much anticipated jailbreak application Dashboard X is now available over on the Cydia store, bringing Android-esque widgets to the main springboard of your iPhone.

Dashboard X grabs existing widgets made for Notification Center, and as you can see from the video above, it lets you plonk them down in any place you deem useful on the home screen. Various widgets are available, ranging from music controls to a NyanCat widget, and many more are being developed to specifically take advantage of the platform, such as a home screen Twitter app.

You can also move the widgets around the screen with a simple long press, putting them where you see fit, with a bunch of options tweakable in the Settings menu. Various offerings let you customise your phone to your heart's content, and each widget integrates seamlessly making you wonder why Apple didn't make it part of iOS originally. Dashboard X is available in the Cydia store from the ModMyi repository and costs around £1.25. [Dashboard X via Lifehacker, iDownloadBlog]

Thanks Darrell!