Google's Schemer Wants to Turn the World More Inane

By Gary Cutlack on at

Schemer is a new app from internet king Google, designed to offer iPhone users some sort of escape from their tedious lives.

The idea is you set up a series of tasks and guidelines for yourself or others to try, which the app then encourages you to complete when you're out and about. The app's iTunes listing suggests enjoyable activities like the baffling and obviously impossible "Relive Ferris Bueller's Day Off in Chicago" and the more mundane "Use leftover tortillas to make chilaquiles" might be clever life ambitions to aim for.

It's a very weird thing for Google to do. Schemer seems to be part social network and part to-do list, only the to-do list seems to be based around making weird, impossible-to-prove claims about how exciting your life is.

The service has been running online in beta form for a month or so already, plus there's also an Android app out there if you're a bored Google phone user looking for some clichéd "fun" activities. [iTunes via The Verge -- Thanks, Darrell!]