GPS Chips That Work Indoors Will Mean You'll Never Lose Your Nan Again (Unfortunately)

By Jon Partridge on at

GPS navigation has made us all lazy mongrels when it comes to hitting the road, meaning we never, ever, have to faff around with a paper map ever again. And even pirates sailing the seven seas get some of that navigation love too. So when it comes to getting your shopping done, why not have a navigation system for that too?

I'm sure we've all asked "where the hell is that shop?" when wandering around in circles at massive shopping venues such as Westfield's London branches, only to just end back up where you started. Sure, they have information kiosks where you can take a quick peek at a map, and some even have their own iPhone apps filled with information, but being guided to a shop like you have a personal shopper with you sounds pretty awesome.

So that's why this system sounds especially neat; a tiny navigator chip the size of your fingernail has been developed by German engineers, that keeps track of shopping, complete with advisory routes around the shops and it even registers how fast and far the user is walking -- all on your smartphone, complete with 3D maps and route planning. You'll never lose your nan again. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Car Navigation System from Shutterstock