Has Apple Finally Realised More Than One Person Actually Uses a Singular iPad?

By Jon Partridge on at

With many households championing the iPad as a household-shared experience, Apple has finally shown signs that it's actually aware that multiple users for the device is a often-requested feature and multi-user profiles are "currently being investigated by engineering."

A developer reached out to AppleInsider after receiving a reply in relation to a simple request of adding more than one user to the popular tablet. The response from the Apple Developer Connection's Worldwide Developer Relations team states, "After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering."

The large cost of the device means that most households can only afford a single iPad -- we're not made of money at the moment that's for sure -- which is shared around family and friends. Adding multiple users would certainly help us out, keeping your meddling siblings from messing with your stuff and reading your e-mails. Of course, the jailbreak community got there first, as usual, with the Cydia app iUsers, but it sure would be nice if Apple built it into iOS, wouldn't it? [AppleInsider]