Is Sony Supplying Screens For The New iPhone?

By Jon Partridge on at

Rumour has it that Sony is set to be one of the manufacturers to make the next-gen, bleeding-edge in-cell displays that are reportedly going to be used in the brand-spanking new iPhone. Production of these displays is set to occur near the end of May, alongside four other companies.

Sony will be joining other Japanese manufacturers, Sharp Corp and Toshiba Mobile Display, alongside South Korean natives LG Display Co, in a massive effort to kit out Apple with enough display panels for a rumoured fall launch, which would be in line with past releases.

The in-cell technology utilised allows for even thinner smartphones because of the embedded touch sensors in the LCD itself, rather than two components stacked on top of each other. As the technology is quite complicated, and the average fabrication yield is fairly low, Apple have been forced to source components from a various amount of suppliers for their next phone to keep up supply and demand. [AppleInsider]