London Underground To Get a Big Slap After Driverless Train Ran Amok For Four Miles

By Jon Partridge on at

Every once in a blue moon, a story like this comes along and scares the bejesus out of every tube traveller, as we put our blind faith and safety into the hands of a group of select, almost-invisible individuals responsible for our travel. In this case, London Underground is set to get a massive fine for endangering lives after a driverless train ran through several stations and narrowly missed hitting a passenger train back in 2010.

Some flawed engineering work caused the maintenance train to basically roll backwards on the Northern Line tracks, where it then picked up a load of speed and blasted down the line and through six stations, until it finally came to a stop on an uphill part of the line at Warren Street. A driver of another train in front had to dramatically step on it, so that the two trains did not collide, meaning that the driver had to race through several stations and not stop for passengers. Some quick thinking from a pair of signallers also prevented a complete catastrophe by diverting two passenger trains out of the way of the unstoppable train.

LU and private maintenance company, Tube Lines, that was responsible for the Northern line at the time, will be prosecuted under Health and Safety Act regulations. [Evening Standard]