Meet Clothbot: The Super-Creepy Robot That'll Scamper Up Your Clothes and Sit On Your Shoulder

By Sam Gibbs on at

Have you ever wondered how the mini-robots of the future are going to be able to reach your head and deliver their deadly venom into your neck when the machines inevitably take over the world? Wonder no more -- meet the clothing clambering robot that'll climb up your back and sit on your shoulder, which could apparently be the future of the mobile phone.

Clothbot's being shown off by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, using wheeled grippers to grab onto the wrinkles in your clothes and propel itself up your body. It keeps its balance with its moving, wagging tail and weighs just 140g.

The researchers reckon that Clothbot could form the basis of a shoulder-sitting robotic pet, perhaps the next generation of Tamagotchi or something. They also reckon that the next generation of mobile phone could move like this, attaching itself to your shoulder to let you talk hands free.

It's pretty cool to see the little guy scamper up someone's coat, but if it came anywhere near me it'd get a swift kick across the room. I can't say I'm a massive fan of things that crawl all over you like a spider, let alone a robot that could be trying to do any number of things for the machine uprising. [New Scientist]