Monmouth Declares Itself "The First Wikipedia Town in the World"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The very detailed Monmouthpedia project that wants to chart the town in unprecedented depth is about to go live, with the blue plaques in place and some 500 Wikipedia entries created to tell us all about life in the quaint holiday spot.

Tomorrow, May 19th, will see Monmouth covered in banners, as the scheme launches. There will be drop-in courses on how to edit Wikipedia entries, plus an official signing ceremony where Wikipedia will grant Monmouth the rather bizarre status of being the world's most Wikipedia-upped town.

It earns that title thanks to having generated nearly 500 articles in 25 languages, with the scannable QRpedia QR codes ensuring overseas visitors are served the relevant translation, with some 1,000 codes stuck up around the place to experiment with.

And it might be worth a visit if you are in the area, as one of the features of the scheme is a town-wide free Wi-Fi network for everyone to use. [Monmouthpedia via Telegraph]