Nerdy Climbing Wall Holds Prove Even Star Wars Fanboys Stay Fit

By Andrew Liszewski on at

When you think of Star Wars fans, you probably picture an overweight individual sprawled out on a couch reaching for the Monster Munch with a plastic lightsaber. But apparently that image isn't entirely accurate, since you can now buy Star Wars-themed climbing wall holds.

Created by Hang Fast Adventure Structures, you can get these mountable, sturdy, fiberglass domes painted and shaped to look like R2-D2's noggin, or the Death Star complete with its superlaser indent. There's a even a hold that's loosely shaped like the Millennium Falcon—very loosely—and depending on the size and complexity they'll each set you back somewhere in the neighbourhood of £40 to £145. Just be careful when climbing with them since neither include the force to catch you should you lose your footing or handhold.


[Hang Fast Adventure Structures via Geeks are Sexy]