Pinch of Salt Rumour of the Day: Google Tablet Pushed Back to July for Tweaks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Unreliable tech news source DigiTimes previously claimed the 7" Google/Asus/Nexus tablet would arrive in May. It didn't and with only six and a half days of May left, probably won't. So DigiTimes has changed its stance, claiming the Asus-made Android tablet will now hit retail in July.

If you believe all that, the site has more. It claims the "entry level" tablet has been pushed back for additional design tweaks and to ensure the machine could be delivered on budget while also giving users a device that Google would be proud to see hyped around the world as its first "official" Android tablet.

We shall see. The old hags of time have a habit of unpicking the claims of DigiTimes, although rumours overnight suggested this device might see an unveiling at Google's I/O conference at the end of June, so the timelines do sort of match for this one. [DigiTimes via Techradar]