There's Just No Escape From This Insane Laser-Guided Smart Bullet

By Sam Gibbs on at

Like a mini laser-guided smartbomb, this incredible new bullet will actually bend around corners. Once fired out of a rifle, it'll track you and change direction to hit its target no matter where you run. If you're painted with a laser designator, you've just got no hope, and now it's ready for production.

The amazing thing is the bullet acts a little like a mini-missile. Its optical sensors follow the laser-painted target to its destination, while an on-board tracking chip makes course corrections using four mini fins on the bullet's body. In the prototype stage, Sandia National Laboratories in the US said that the bullet maintains a 98 per cent accuracy at up to 2km -- that's one hell of a shot.

The bullet is fired out of a .50-calibre rifle, which is a feat of engineering in and of itself, considering the forces and sheer speed a .50-cal bullet experiences -- a colossal 120,000g and 344.7 megapascals of pressure on pulling the trigger. There's no way your average computer chip would survive that.

The bullet essentially makes the impossible shot possible, allowing snipers to bend that bullet around walls, almost like Wanted. While you might have heard of the smart bullet before, Sandia has finally made it a reality, and is looking to mass produce this thing right now. They'll be no where to hide with this thing and the magic floating bullet on the loose. [IEEE via MSNBC via Ubergizmo]