This A380 Restaurant Serves More Than Just Regular Plane Food

By Jon Partridge on at

Why bother flying to get your delicious fix of plane food when you can just go to this A380-themed restaurant instead?

Located in Chongquin, China, the A380 In-Flight Kitchen is aimed at the more upper-crust of society, which definitely shows through both the sophisticated plane décor and the intricate food. But while it is served to you similarly to how it is up at 30,000 feet -- ie, on a tray -- the cuisine is definitely not your typical microwaved plane dinner and seems to be more of a Western affair suited to a classy and turbulence-free evening.

While not the first A380 restaurant -- the first being in Taipei, Taiwan, where it recreates a more realistic and busy setting -- this version looks to be a lot more expensive and it just oozes luxury. Patrons of the aeroplane-themed restaurant can expect seating similar to those of the real life Airbus, alongside waitresses that look like (and act like) air stewardesses. But instead of checking into the restaurant, it might make more sense to take an actual flight on an A380, as prices for some of the more special seating can go up to 10,000 yuan or £985. For that money you might as well catch a flight somewhere so you can actually see something new and exciting instead. [ via Wired UK]