This Horrendous Story Is Why I Don't Do Online Dating

By Jon Partridge on at

Y'know when your parents tell you to be careful of what you're doing on the Internet -- don't go meeting strangers, don't give your phone number away, no personal details -- that kinda thing; I took their advice with a pinch of salt, and only never did that online dating thing. And I was right to be cautious about that, unlike this other fella who had quite the hard time when he went to meet his online date.

On May 8th, a 27-year-old Chinese citizen from the Henan province found himself in a little bit of bother after meeting a woman he met on the Internet. It all seemed to be fine, until the woman's boyfriend approached the man, took him aside with a group of friends and attacked the poor chap. But it gets worse...a whole lot worse. The group took a 1.2-metre computer wire and, well, to put it straight, put it up the man's urethra. Ouch.

The anonymous man was quite scared to tell his parents what had happened to his, er, thing, and was definitely too embarrassed to get some help from a doctor. But after an unsuccessful self-removal attempt; he finally visited a hospital, where a doctor removed the cable by surgery. Luckily, the incident did no major damage -- but I'm sure to have nightmares tonight. [Kotaku]