Virgin Media Boss Throws Toys at BT Over its Hoovering up of Government Subsidies

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Media's chief operating officer, Andrew Barron, has been writing angry letters about BT to anyone who'll listen, claiming it isn't fair that a large proportion of the government's broadband upgrade subsidies are sucked up by the telecomms giant.

In his letter to the Guardian, Barron says: "The noble ambition of locally procured rural broadband networks is protracted and likely to favour the incumbent, freezing out new entrants," adding that current government policy is equal to the "subsidy of already dominant infrastructure in areas where we are not, to the sum of hundreds of millions of pounds of public money."

Barron would much rather see the new broadband development money pushed toward newer technologies like 4G, which could create "genuine choice" in areas where there's currently only the BT fixed-line option available and no prospect of Virgin Media teams turning up to lay their magical cables. [Guardian]