Vodafone Rages Against Ofcom's 4G "Head Start" for Everything Everywhere

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone has once again launched a broadside against UK telecomms watchdog Ofcom, claiming that the decision to let Everything Everywhere launch a 4G network at the end of this year gives "an unjustifiable head start to the largest player which could seriously undermine competition in the UK market for many years to come."

The letter from Vodafone, published in full by Ofcom [PDF], sees the network claim the regulator has made "three fundamental errors" in allowing EE to launch an initial 4G network later this year, mistakes which would see its rival reap ongoing rewards from a 15-month head start for many years to come.

There's a similar response up on Ofcom's site [PDF] from network O2's parent company Telefonica, which, among other wide and varied criticisms of the regulator, claims Ofcom "fails procedurally" when it comes to not analysing the cost benefits achieved by EE launching its 4G network ahead of everyone else.

Basically, if you thought the UK 4G auction was in a mess before, it's now in a mess and on fire. And turning into something of a national embarrassment. [Ofcom [PDF] via Techradar]

Image credit: Mobile masts from Shutterstock