WARNING: Massive Flood of Patriotic Rubbish Incoming

By Gary Cutlack on at

We have here a couple of DAB radios. One is a new offering from Philips, which probably works perfectly well and looks like a useful little thing for £49.99. Another is the Evoke from Pure, which just like the Philips, is probably a darling little machine that just wants to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style alongside its hefty £149.99 price tag. Just a shame that both have been ruined by having flags stuck on the front (and backside) of each radio.

It's the tip of the tat iceberg. The summer of 2012 is going to see stacks of this sort of flag-emblazoned rubbish stinking up the technology sections of the nation, as the European football, London Olympics and even the Queen's Jubilee will see our electronics makers desperate to sell us stuff in national colours. Only for us to regret buying and be embarrassed about shortly after.

Which means all you have to do is wait until September if you're after a bargain, as all this unsold tat with tacky flags all over it will be going for a song, after we've once again failed as a nation to win anything of note. [Philips, Pure]