We're Not In a Drought, We're In an ESRD, Don't You Know

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all this rain we've had in the last month or so you'd be forgiven for thinking we're no longer in a drought. And you'd be right. According to the Environment Agency, we're undergoing "Environmental Stress due to Rainfall Deficit," or ESRD -- it's a new (cough marketing buzzword, cough) term for when it's bucketing down, but the country still doesn't have any water.

Apparently levels of dryness will be the new wet for Blighty, as the EA is set to create yet more super-catchy acronyms for when drought just doesn't quite cover it. There'll now be levels of drought depending on how much water there actually is, and who's feeling a bit dry. At least it's not raining today, and according to the weatherman, parts of the country might actually get a bit of summer this week...maybe. [Independent]

Image credit: Raining from Shutterstock