WH Smith Balls-Up Sees Tills Only Selling The Queen's Knickers and Absolutely Nothing Else

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yesterday's bank holiday apparently sent the tills in WH Smith a little loopy, where they rebelled against their masters and insisted everyone bought The Queen's Knickers and nothing else, despite what you thought you had in the bag.

The barmy printers would bizarrely only print a receipt with "The Queen's Knickers £5.99" on them, regardless of what you bought. Of course the pair of knickers the masters-of-money were fixated with was a best selling children's book, not a pair of our dear monarch's bloomers, thankfully.

Anonymous even got in on the high-street-hilarity, claiming the register mistake as a hack "for the lulz", despite the shop's insistence that this was just a cock-up on Smith's ends -- apparently it was because someone had tried to create a book offer earlier that day. Nothing sinister, honest, ma'am. [The Register]

Image credit: Knickers from Shutterstock