Windows Phone Catching Up With iPlayer "Within Weeks"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The wide, wide reach of the BBC's iPlayer service is about to expand a little further, with a Windows Phone version of the app about to launch for UK users very soon.

According to quotes over on The Inquirer, the BBC's popular streaming app should launch on WP models within a few weeks. A Nokia man, speaking at the launch of the company's Lumia 610, said: "BBC iPlayer is expected to arrive on Windows Phone within the next few weeks, a sign that the Windows Phone Marketplace is attracting more developers."

Not quite so happy for WP fans is news that Sky's useful Sky Go streaming app isn't currently anywhere near release on Windows Phone, with the same source saying that was "a good few months" away. And given the half-hearted way Sky has been maintaining the Android version of the Go app, we can easily believe that. [Inquirer via Engadget]