Apple's Getting Big Into Podcasts With Its Fancy New Podcast App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Back when iOS 6 was just a rumour, other vibrations on the grapevine indicted that Apple was going to double down on podcasts with a dedicated app. Turns out those rumours were spot on. You can download Apple's stealth launched, free Podcasts app right now.

For anyone who listens to podcasts on the iPhone this is a massive boon. No longer will you be hamstrung to iTunes to get your next generation radio fix. The new app will let you browse for; download; stream, and now, finally, subscribe to podcasts feeds right on your iPhone and have them auto-download -- marvellous.

There's also a popular "Stations" section, with some dodgy UI, but overall the app has some nice touches. Playing a podcast you're treated to an animated old school tape complete with a hare or tortoise speed controller.

If you ever listen to podcasts on your iPhone and you haven't already sprung for the excellent Podcaster 5, do yourself a favour and download Apple's new app now, and while you're there, check out my top five podcasts. [iTunes]

Thanks Jeff!