Ex-MI5 Boss Gets Her Laptop Nicked In Heathrow Bringing Terror Cops Running

By Sam Gibbs on at

The woman who reportedly inspired the female "M" we've come to know and love in recent Bond films, has had her laptop pinched while passing through Heathrow, putting counter-terrorism police on alert.

Dame Stella Rimington served as MI5's top dog between 1992 and 1996 -- the first female head of the UK-focussed spooks in history. Although it was only her personal laptop that got half-inched by some swine, links with previous employees have forced SO15, the Met's counter-terrorism coppers, to investigate.

Chances are Rimington wasn't targeted specifically, but SO15 fear that contact information and other juicy spy bits might still be on her machine. Once a spook, always a spook, it seems. [The Sun via Sophos]

Image credit: Thief from Shutterstock