GiffGaff Goes Semi-Contract With its "Recurring Goodybags"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular mobile network GiffGaff has taken a big step toward making things a little easier to manage for its customers, with the arrival of its automatically-renewing Goodybags that pretty much turn the company's SIMs into regular pay monthly contracts. But without the commitment.

The idea is simple, in that GiffGaff users will be able to have their SIM bundles of minutes, texts and data automatically renew themselves each month from now on. This means you won't forget, plus the Goodybag SIM contracts still only run for 30 days from the point of each auto-renewal, so you're never tied into a long-term contract.

GiffGaff's recurring, auto-renewing, life-changing new mobile Goodybags will be available from June 25th, a short delay over the initial launch date of June 20th. [GiffGaff]