Is This a UFO or Just Another Botched Missile Test?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Something really weird appeared in the sky over Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus and Lebanon yesterday, sending local people into a panic. A strange spiral of light was seen in the night's sky, causing UFO theorists to go nuts, of course.

Police were bombarded with calls over the incident, as you might expect, with locals totally baffled and frightened by the freaky light show. No one seems to be quite sure what it was. It could just be a falling junked satellite; a failed missile test by the Russians or another missile-packing country, or even of alien origin. Whatever this is, it's truly an unidentified flying object, and I doubt anyone's going to cough to a missile test gone awry over so many people's airspace, so it'll probably have to stay that way.

My money's on a new weapon cock-up rather than aliens, as something similar was apparently seen over Norway back in 2009, which was later confirmed to be a failed test. Still, it sure was pretty. It almost looks like a tiny spiraling galaxy colliding with our atmosphere in a blaze of frightening light. [YouTube via Daily Mail]