Nike and TomTom Want to Get You Fit With a Splash of NikeFuel

By Sam Gibbs on at

Nike's given its SportsWatch a revamp with TomTom to try and make it easier for your fat arse to compete with your mates for who’s the fittest. Let's face it -- we need all the encouragement we can get, so a dash of "NikeFuel" competition can't hurt.

The new watch comes in two iterations, a £129 basic model and a £149 model, which comes with one of Nike's Shoe Sensors for tracking your running indoors. The new Nike+ Sportswatch turns your running distance into "universal units" called NikeFuel, which are then meant to allow you to compare your exertion equally among running and other sports. If your mate plays football, NikeFuel should allow you to directly compete with him even if you're just running, or at least that's the idea.

The watches come in various colours to match Nike's day-glow apparel, and are available now direct from Nike or TomTom and other retailers from £129.