Sainsbury's Joins eBook Selling Race With the Purchase of a Chunk of Anobii

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK supermarket Sainsbury's has bought itself a large stake in eBook provider Anobii, taking a 64 per cent share of the business from struggling retailer HMV -- for which it paid the nominal fee of £1.

The supermarket giant describes Anobii as a "social network and online retailer," which it says has 600,000 users around the world, who choose their titles from a virtual library of over 60,000 books. Which isn't that many books compared with the competition, but is still enough reading material to get you through several million train journeys.

It would appear Sainsbury's is seriously gearing itself up for our virtual future, having recently launched an MP3 store and acquired a video streaming company to take care of our online A/V needs. All it needs to do now is start selling food and we'll never have to shop anywhere else again. [Sainsbury's via Guardian]