This Is the New Touchscreen MacBook Pro Tablet

By Sam Gibbs on at

After the teasers yesterday, Modbook has officially busted out its new touchscreen MacBook Pro, and it's a looker. The Modbook Pro will be available in the autumn, complete with a brand new "ForceGlass" screen that apparently feels like paper.

Unfortunately, this is not the touchscreen Retina Display I was dreaming of, but it's still no push over. It's based on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, kitted out with a Wacom digitizer with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity -- perfect for all you talented graphics people out there.

The screen sports a 1280x800 resolution, so while it's not exactly Retina-worthy, at least it's 720p. You have your choice of 13-inch MacBook Pro internal specs too, including up to a 2.9GHz dual core Intel i7; up to 16GB of RAM, and a 960GB SSD. For ports you'll find one of each of the following: Ethernet; FireWire 800; USB 3.0; Thunderbolt; SDXC card slot, and audio line in/out. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are, of course, included, along with a fancy magnetic "pen garage" for the included stylus.

We don't know how much this bad boy will cost just yet, but considering a 13-inch MacBook Pro will already burn a grand-shaped hole in your wallet, this thing isn't going to come cheap. It'll ship in "early autumn" this year, and you can sign up on the Modbook site for updates if, like me, you're in love with the idea already. [Modbook via TUAW]