Valve's Helping to Make a New Movie

By Sam Gibbs on at

There have been rumours of a Half-Life movie for ages; the story is certainly stronger than a load of "blockbusters" Hollywood's been trying to shove down our throats recently. Now Valve's helping make a new animated movie, but it's not quite what you'd think.

Apparently, Valve's Source engine is being used in a new animated film to do real-time rendering, editing and lighting. Brown Bag Films has a budget of just £12m for the project, so it needs something cheap and efficient, which is where Valve comes in.

Deep is a film about humanity struggling to survive at the bottom of the ocean in a post-apocalyptic world after World War III. I can't imagine the Source engine is quite going to rival the incredible CGI stuff of massive blockbusters, but hopefully Valve'll catch the movie bug while its doing it. If this does well we could see Valve spitting out a Half-Life or Half-Life 2 movie, and that really would be awesome. [Chicago Tribune via Kotaku]