Who Wants a 21:9 Cinemascope Ultrabook?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Why should ultrabooks be confined to standard laptop screen ratios? Toshiba reckons 16:9 is so last year; 21:9 is where it's at, for full cinema-wide movie viewing with the world's first cinemascope ultrabook, the U840W.

The U840W features "all day battery life"; Intel's latest Ivy-bridge chips; Harmon Kardon audio, and that 21:9 14.4-inch, 1792 x 768 screen for the "ultimate cinema experience on the move". It also packs both a 32GB SSD for quick boot times, and a 500GB traditional spinning platter drive for storing all your media, which is a good job because it doesn't have a disc drive to play your movies with.

Toshiba's gone for a mixed texture for the 20.8mm thick frame, with brushed metal furnished with rubberised grip strips along the front section of the machine. The two-tone colour scheme looks quite good in person, while the rubberised plastic means it won't slip out of your mitts.

It's got your usual fair of ultrabook connectivity, including USB 3.0; Ethernet; HDMI; Bluetooth 4.0; Wi-Fi, and Intel Wireless display support. The U840W lands in the UK from Q3 2012 starting at £899.

If that wasn't enough Toshiba ultrabook for you, there's also a non-cinema wide version, the U840 14-incher. It's got similar specs as its wideboy-brother, again with an SSD and HDD built-in. The 19.9mm-thick brushed metal frame showed no signs of bending or creaking on the flex test, unlike Toshiba's previous ultrabook line, and it weighs in at just 1.58kg.

The U840 will run you from £599, and again land in the third quarter of this year.