18 Per Cent of iPhone Apps Rifle Through Your Address Book Without Permission

By Gary Cutlack on at

Data compiled by security firm Bitdefender has cast some doubt over Apple's iOS security options, claiming that apps are routinely accessing contact details and even tracking users' whereabouts without permission.

Bitdefender looked at some 65,000 iOS apps up on Apple's App Store, coming to the conclusion that around 41 per cent of those apps could be tracking the location of their users without asking or letting them know. Even worse, around 18 per cent granted themselves the ability to look through personal address book data, also without asking to do so.

Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender's chief security researcher, said: "We see a worrying landscape of poor user data encryption, prevalent location tracking and silent, unjustified, Address Book access." [ME via Cult of Mac]