A Pair of Altec Lansing Earphones Is Your "La La La, I Can't Hear You Olympics, Go Away" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

It's SPORTS DAY! What's more it will be for the next two weeks – a long time if you're not a fan of SPORTS DAY and everything that it entails.

If you're a non-sporty type who is keen to avoid the whole thing, why not shut yourself from it all by jamming some earphones into your mp3 player and pumping music into your head for the duration of the activity. Treat yourself to some new ones – the Altec Lansing Muzx MZX606 earphones come with 3-button control for added ease of use and they're only £7.99. The Sports Day should last just long enough for you to listen to the entire back catalogue by The Fall and then everything will be back to normal again...


Today's Bonus Dealz...

- Sony PS3 320GB console with Modern Warfare 3, all DLC plus Extra DualShock 3 and PS Move starter pack with Gioteck Real Triggers AND 3-month LoveFilm subscription – just £219.19.
- Blackberry Playbook - 16GB for £129.00, 32GB for £149.00.
- Archos 7C home tablet – just £49.99.
- Borderlands (PC download) – only £2.00 (with code) or GOTY £3.99.
- Orcs Must Die! (PC) - 75 per cent off at just £1.74.
- Duracell AAA 8-pack – only £1.99.
- 12-month Xbox 360 Live Gold membership card - just £24.89.
- Hitachi 1TB Touro Mobile MX3 portable hard drive (USB 3.0) – yours for £64.98 delivered.
- Dark Souls Day One (Xbox 360, limited edition) - only £16.85.
- Toshiba BDX1250 Blu-ray player – yours for £39.00.
- Test Drive 2 (PC download) – just £2.84.
- Spy vs Spy (iOS) - only 69p (50 per cent off).

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