A Poster With 50 Shades of Grey for That Special Someone in Your Life

By Chris Mills on at

You dirty-minded person. This isn't some poster celebrating the many achievements of Christian Grey to put up on the wall of your BDSM dungeon; it's an invaluable tool for your inner decorator. So stop giggling, yes, you there, at the back!

Sometimes, one shade of grey isn't enough. How do you decide between "geriatric cat" and "French pavement" when you're choosing a new bland colour for your hallway/cellar/new set of handcuffs? It's a dilemma we've all been faced with, I'm sure. This poster goes a long way to solving that, all for the palty price of a tenner. Plus, can a humble tenner (even with Alan Turing's face on it) also help you to poke fun at the 50 Shades of Grey fever secretly sweeping the nation? No? Exactly. [Firebox]