Anonymous Did Something Good? Apparently It Had a Hand In WikiLeak's 'Syria Files'

By Jon Partridge on at

Woah, woah, I know what you're thinking. I can't believe it either. Anonymous? Good? Well, it turns out our favourite infamous hacktivist group is claiming responsibility for an attack on the computer systems of the Syrian government, which then lead to over two million emails ending up in the digital inboxes of WikiLeaks. Nice.

Anonymous has spoken via a press release saying that the Op Syria team first breached multiple domains in Syria back in February. Well, what else can you do with a bunch of government documents? Hand them over to WikiLeaks of course, which is exactly what the group did, having worked together before in the past.

Of course, details are incredibly sketchy on the intricacies of the attack, but with Anonymous, you can expect some kind of hacking magic. Take that Assad. [The Register]

Image credit: jonpartridge from flickr