Anti-Piracy Group Found Guilty of... Piracy

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bizarre case of the anti-piracy people accused of piracy has finally concluded, with Dutch musician Melchior Rietveldt winning his royalties case for unauthorised use of his music by a Hollywood-backed copyright group.

Rietveldt was originally contracted by anti-piracy group BREIN to compose a piece of music to feature in an advert about how bad and wrong pirating stuff off the internet is. He was then assured he'd be paid for all further uses of the track, but... wasn't. And wasn't even told it had been used elsewhere until he heard it on a Harry Potter DVD.

A Dutch court has found BREIN was wrong to sell on his music without permission or payment, with Rietveldt's track eventually finding its way into 71 commercial DVD releases. Local royalty collector Stemra has been ordered to pay his costs and pursue distributors for all the money the musician is owed. [TorrentFreak via TechEye]

Image credit: Piracy from Shutterstock