Anyone Hungry? Tory Councillor Wants to Eat Culled Pigeons

By Chris Mills on at

Royston's town centre has been infested with pigeons, and rather sensibly they're being culled. The council's budget must've been pretty hard hit though, as one councillor wants to take the dead pigeons and bake them up into a big pie. Yummy.

Apparently, the town centre's been overrun with the mess the birdies are making, with some pedestrians actually finding the crap-covered pavement "risky". Most of the local council are in favour of the cull -- but for one Tory councillor, talk of shooting pigeons is clearly bringing back memories of the good old days:

"I'm being perfectly serious that pigeon pie is not eaten as often as it used to be - in other words shot pigeons give us a food source."

Mind you, if their Health & Safety bods are worried about pigeon crap, I'm not sure how many pages the risk assessment for eating wild pigeons would run. Plus, y'know, it's not WWII any more -- there are other things we can eat besides dead birds. Maybe there's a gap in the market there for a Tesco to open up though? [Telegraph]

Image credit: Pigeons from Shutterstock