Ask the Gizmodo UK Editors Anything* You'd Like, pt. II

By Kat Hannaford on at

Please don't make me regret this, but isn't it about time we had another AMA? If you missed the first one, it's pretty much an opportunity to ask us (and your fellow commenters) anything regarding Giz UK; gadgets; the tech industry (or even what our preferred cheese is.)

We’ll try and respond to most questions (unless they’re offensive, or we run out of time), so now’s your chance to ask those burning questions you may have stored up. Please don't be offended if we tell you to refer to another reply on this thread or the previous AMA, as last time we had a fair few double-upped questions, and limited hours to answer everything in.

Please get your questions in before the gate closes at 4:30pm, so Sam, Gary; Tom; JonMatt Delitointern-Chris and I can answer them in good time. And, before you ask what the heck that is dangling above my head, WELL. I'm sure our most unceasing commenter Darrell Jones can answer that one for you.

*Same rule applies. No creepin', please.

Update: Thanks everyone for taking part in our second AMA! Have great weekends, and stay out of trouble.