Banned Scottish Performance-Enhancing Beer Sticks Middle Finger Up to the Olympics

By Sam Gibbs on at

One of our favourite British breweries, Brewdog, has launched an all out attack on what it calls the "shallow corporate sponsorship" of the Olympics. "Never Mind the Anabolics" is a limited edition IPA with a difference; it's chock full of yummy Olympics-banned performance-enhancing substances. Nil must pass by Olympians' mouths, but you and I can certainly tuck in.

On the list of unusual ingredients are creatine; guarana; ginseng; gingo; maca powder; matcha tea, and kola nutĀ -- all banned by the IOC and would get you ejected from the Games should you test positive for any of them, and, err, you were an athlete. James Watt, co-founder of Brewdog, added:

"This is the craft beer community showing the sponsors of the games the finger in the best way we know how."

I'll drink to that. Time to go find a Brewdog pub; it'll be available on draft or in bottles so go get seeking that good stuff out. Let us know what it tastes like, laced with all those performance enhancing goodies, if you manage to find it. [Metro]