Big Baby BT Complains About Virgin Media's "Buffering" Claims

By Gary Cutlack on at

The staff of the Advertising Standards Authority have again had to adjudicate on another childish battle between the ISPs, with the latest spat seeing BT complain about Virgin Media's use of the phrase "say bye-bye to buffering."

BT's complaint centres around one of Virgin's TV ads for its superfast cable broadband, in which it got known fast man Usain Bolt to pretend to be Richard Branson and say "I want everyone to say bye-bye to buffering."

The very serious men at BT complained to the ASA that even on a superfast service you might expect to occasionally see some buffering of services. Virgin accepted that this was indeed the case, and the ASA therefore ruled that the ad was misleading, with Virgin told "not to state or imply that users of their broadband service would not experience buffering" in the future. [ASA]

Image credit: Crying baby from Shutterstock