Drones Get Longer Arms and More Eyes (So There'll Be No Escape)

By Chris Mills on at

The Farnborough airshow isn't just for passenger jets -- one company has brought some new toys that make UAV drones far, far more scary.

The concept they've come up with is a mothership UAV, which has 'scout' and 'strike' missiles that will find and destroy targets. The idea is that the mother drone can stay out of harm's way, while the scout missiles buzz around people's heads looking for anyone doing anything naughty, mark it with a laser, and then send the big bad explosive missile to blow it up.

It's quite futuristic, but it solves the problems UAVs have of being big, slow targets -- if one of the little scout missiles gets shot down, no-one's going to cry. It also means that one UAV can cover more ground, which makes spying on people just that little bit easier. What do you think, good idea or making something simple complicated? [MBDA via Gizmag]