Facebook Spoonfeeding Users Antivirus Software

By Jon Partridge on at

Facebook cares about its users. Kind of. With a business model that thrives around its millions upon millions of users, Facebook are looking to help take care of them by directing users who think their computer might be infected to websites where they can get some free antivirus software.

Don't shout out just yet, it's not some mega deal with Symantec and their Norton antivirus software (shudder), but it's actually something fairly decent. The Malware Checkpoint for Facebook sends users over to grab either Microsoft Security Essentials or McAfee Scan and Repair, which are not the worst choices in the world, with the former actually receiving a fair amount of praise. Mac users are directed to the Apple Security Updates site instead, rather than any particular antivirus software.

Facebook already yells at a few users if they have a malware infection, and provides users with antivirus software to help treat the blow. But now Facebook is looking to open up the campaign to all users so that they can proactively protect their computers from harm. Seems like a solid idea to me, if a tad nannyish. [Cnet]